Domain Age Checker Tool

Enter Your Domain To Look Up Domain Age With 100% Free Domain Age Checker Tool

What is Domain Age Checker Tool

This easy to use Domain Age Checker tool is 100% free tool and no sign up is required to look up your domain age which is one of the important SEO factor while considering the domain authority of your website or blog.

How to use Website Age Checker Tool

Simply enter the URLs you want to analyze then Click Check Availability button to get quick details like your domain name, its current status whether registered or not, domain age, alexa rank and domain whois information. You can add multiple URLs in text area to use bulk domain age checking feature. You can download the results in Text (.txt) and CSV formats as per your requirement.


100% free tool with no sign up delays
Fast results in Text and CSV files
Bulk domain age checking facility
Find additional alexa rank and domain whois information
Check domain name availability with no hassle